About us

Our Story


Kid Ventures is far more than a neighborhood play and party center. Our vision to lead the way in children’s “edutainment” is evident from the moment you step foot inside our warm and inviting Kid Ventures facilities. From the friendly and caring greeting provided by our team to the highly engaging, entertaining and educational activities facilitated by our very own “Edutainment Coordinator”, your visit will be an enriching and memorable experience. With so much to discover, our focus is to maximize the senses for both children and parents while fulfilling many social, physical and emotional needs.


Imagine a world where children and parents can nurture their creativity and imagination in a safe, clean, fun, and physically active environment.

OUR VISION for Kid Ventures came about as Debbie & Darren Solomon, parents and owners of San Diego’s premier children’s gymnastics and fitness facilities were looking to fill an unmet need for a high-quality, safe, clean and stimulating environment for children and parents. Having visited hundreds of fun play places all over the country, they recognized the need for a highly creative space for children that also offers moms and dads the opportunity to relax and have some personal time while remaining close to their kids. This experienced and passionate duo opened Kid Ventures’ Flagship location in early 2009 in beautiful Southern California. Complete with a village of themed sidewalk stores, a pirate ship, castle, rock climbing wall and a wireless parents’ coffee shop/café, Kid Ventures soon became the go-to place for creative play, parties and all around quality family time.


Kid Ventures is the next generation in boutique-style indoor family play centers. Our warm and inviting facility offers the perfect setting for children to explore and expand their imagination and talent as parents delight in the experience. Kids play in our fun and stimulating indoor play village, designed to stretch their creative muscles in a healthy and safe way.

OUR COMMITMENT is the belief that our impact goes far beyond the four walls that our Kid Ventures wonderland exists within. It is our commitment to reach out to the communities we serve that makes Kid Ventures a special place where special connections are made. For every child & family that we have the privilege of welcoming into our facility, there are many others that we can help. The fabric of our existence is how we translate Kid Ventures unique and nurturing experience to the families and children in need through volunteerism, awareness and giving of our time, talent & treasures.